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All this talent in one room (Mitzvah Magic 2015)

For the 2nd year in a row, we were able to host our Mitzvah Guide Launch party. This year we hosted the event at The Westin Edina Galleria (btw, a fantastic venue to host a… Continue Reading

Seriously? You grew 3 inches?

So as if planning a Bar/Bat Mitzvah isn’t stressful enough with the studying, planning, speech writing, you have to outfit your entire family with clothing. Other than bathing suit shopping there is really nothing more challenging. Every… Continue Reading

twin city mitzvahs what is this baking thing all about

What is this baking thing all about?

When we first moved here 14 years ago and began attending our friends’ Mitzvahs, I was enlightened about a tradition that I believe is unique to Minneapolis (or at least it was to me). I… Continue Reading

What, I have to write a speech?

We get so caught up in the details, that when it comes down to it and the Rabbi looks at you and says, “It’s time for you to write a few words to your child.”… Continue Reading

Bring the Candle Lighting Ceremony Back

Photo By Jeffrey Schmieg Photography Growing up in the Midwest attending multiple mitzvahs throughout my youth besides the actual party, I was always intrigued by the candle lighting ceremony. I think it’s almost like...this is… Continue Reading

Whose Mitzvah Is It Anyway?

To tell you the truth it’s so easy to get lost in the planning process and forget whose party I’m planning and what it’s all about.  Is it about the ceremony? The party? Becoming an… Continue Reading

Bar Mitzvah Boy or Man?

So much work and where to begin? We start planning from in utero, this day, that moment. Your family watching your child, grandchild gets up on the Bema and does the most amazing thing you… Continue Reading

How it Began

So Why Mitzvahs in the Twin Cities You Ask? A family from Michigan moves to the Twin Cities and raises 2 Jewish children not knowing anything or anyone in the Jewish community or any community… Continue Reading