Light up your Mitzvah!


Light up your Mitzvah!

Submitted by Kirk Holslin, Imagine Lights

Trends tend to take a bit longer to catch on here in our Minneapolis/St Paul market. However, the extra time gives us an opportunity to see what really works! Event lighting as a trend has finally taken hold within the Minneapolis/St Paul event market. Here are a couple of trends that are making a strong impact in the Twin Cities:

Glow/Black light parties are making a strong comeback. Put on your neon or white t-shirt, turn off the overhead florescent lights, crack the glow sticks and immerse yourself into the realm of black lights.

Here are a few ways to incorporate other parts of your celebration into the black light party:

Create a black light food buffet

  • Cookie snack bar with milk
  • Grapes and bananas on display for a smoothie bar
  • Neon frosting on cupcakes
  • White M&Ms
  • Kid friendly drinks with tonic water. Tonic water glows blue.
  • Ice cream
  • Ice sculptures

Party favors that glow

  • White or neon t-shirts
  • Neon knit hats
  • White gloves (it’s not just a Michael Jackson look)
  • Neon sunglasses
  • White tube socks (if your guests are wearing shorts)

Posters/décor elements

  • You can purchase neon glow posters at many party favor stores or even create your own
  • You can also create a kids neon poster/banner making station at your event

A second lighting trend is illuminated centerpieces. This effect can be accomplished by simply inserting glow sticks or disposable glow balls into the centerpieces. The added color illuminates the centerpiece as well as offering a bit of flair.

For more dramatic centerpiece lighting options, there are companies that have LED lighting display platforms. You have the ability to place flower arrangements, small ice sculptures, or other designer centerpieces on top of them. The light will shine up through it, creating the ultimate party ambiance. The LED display platforms also allow for color changes throughout the celebration to keep the party interesting throughout the event.

When planning your event, let your imagination light up your Mitzvah! Who knows, your event may illuminate the next trend here in the Twin Cities!


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