Seriously? You grew 3 inches?


Seriously? You grew 3 inches?

So as if planning a Bar/Bat Mitzvah isn’t stressful enough with the studying, planning, speech writing, you have to outfit your entire family with clothing. Other than bathing suit shopping there is really nothing more challenging. Every member of your family needs to look presentable for an entire weekend (it may be easier climbing Mt. Everest in a blizzard).

So the shopping begins. Where will you go? How dressy do you need to be? How many outfits should you purchase? And don’t forget the shoes (just so you know, nothing will fit your kids by the time your Mitzvah actually happens).

The daunting task of outfitting everyone in clothing for a Friday night service/dinner, Saturday Mitzvah and party and if by chance you have brunch is a challenge (I won’t beat around the bush). I would highly suggest taking an inventory of the things that you currently have, write down sizes of everyone in your family, and put together your color scheme or vision for your weekend. Don’t forget undergarments, accessories, and SHOES!! One word of advice…make sure they are comfortable. There is nothing worse than spending an entire weekend on your feet in uncomfortable footwear! Make sure you get 2 sizes of shoes for the kids because guess what? The only time your child will have a growth spurt will be right before your event. Not sure why that happens, but it does…so be prepared.

Once you have all of your attire, make sure to build some time in for alterations and again, wait until closer to your event to do them or from experience, you will be back at the store purchasing another outfit and shoes. Nothing worse than having to do any of this twice.
The week before, lay everything out in some type of order to make sure that you have everything covered (literally). I will give you another tip when taking pictures the day before… don’t, and I repeat, don’t go near anything!! No food, drink, any type of oil spill, sandbox, mud puddle or it can lead to a Mitzvah clothing disaster. Again…I speak from experience!

Day of…get everyone dressed and watch your child get up and do their thing! You will be amazed and it’s alright if you get proud parent tear stains on your clothing (they dry).


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