Give your Mitzvah some ICE time


Give your Mitzvah some ICE time

Submitted by MN Ice Sculptures

What a beautiful and life-changing day in your child’s life. All the planning and preparation that goes into this event will inspire the success of the child that has just entered into adulthood. The ability to plan a party that is not only enriched with ancient traditions but simultaneously adds a unique twist of modern-day Minnesotan culture takes a great deal of creativity.

What is more intrinsic to the unconscious of a Minnesotan than ice? Being a Minnesotan there is something about ice rooted deep inside of us that gives us the feeling of tremendous fervor. What better way to combine this feeling of Minnesota pride with the devoutness of Judaism, than with an ice sculpture for your Mitzvah. Imagine the exhilarating feeling that would arise when you are in the presence of a frozen crystal clear Star of David.

The beauty of such a sight leaves us staring in wondrous amazement. If you are interested in a different direction may be a sculpture of your child’s favorite movie character, sports team, or landmark from your recent vacation.  If “just” a sculpture doesn’t have enough allure for you, then go to the next level and take any sculpture idea that you can imagine and turn it into a food display or drink luge. We truly believe the possibilities are endless! If you can dream it, it can be carved in ICE!


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