We've got 2018 by the trend!

Décor Trends–From marble and copper on the table to ruffles and velvet for linen, we’ve been seeing these trends pop up in fashion, home décor and now parties. Dare to be on trend. It’s okay… Continue Reading

It's Here! 2018 Mitzvah Guide

I am thrilled to bring to you our 5th annual Twin City Mitzvah Guide! At Twin City Mitzvahs, we work hard to fill these pages with the professionals in the Bar and Bat Mitzvah industry… Continue Reading

Hottest Mitzvah Dances & Games

So, your child has been invited to a dance party in honor of a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. What should they expect? What goes on at a “dance party” for thirteen-year-olds? A typical Mitzvah dance party is… Continue Reading

Welcome Bags—Tips & Ideas

Guests love to be treated to a fun surprise and welcome bags are a great way to set the tone for the weekend’s festivities. It’s important to make the welcome bags personal, fun and something… Continue Reading

Choosing your Mitzvah Project

In recent years, many synagogues and families have begun asking bar/bat mitzvah candidates to do “tzedakah (social action) projects” as part of their bar/bat mitzvah preparations. This requirement makes explicit to these teens the idea… Continue Reading

Give your Mitzvah some ICE time

Submitted by MN Ice Sculptures What a beautiful and life-changing day in your child’s life. All the planning and preparation that goes into this event will inspire the success of the child that has just… Continue Reading

Light up your Mitzvah!

Submitted by Kirk Holslin, Imagine Lights Trends tend to take a bit longer to catch on here in our Minneapolis/St Paul market. However, the extra time gives us an opportunity to see what really works!… Continue Reading

The Importance of the Hora

Photo by Jeffrey Schmieg Photography Submitted by Becky Salita The Hora, says Wikipedia, is an Israeli circle dance typically danced to the music of Hava Nagila and is traditionally danced at Jewish weddings and other… Continue Reading

Bringing Your Theme to Life

Submitted by Steve Bunnell, Kort Sign Design This is a really exciting time for everyone and you want your Bar or Bat Mitzvah to be memorable. You’ve probably lined up a caterer, reserved a venue,… Continue Reading

It’s a Montage

So here is the deal, I am going to take every last picture that I took of my 13-year old child since the day they were born with every person that they’ve ever known and… Continue Reading