Bringing Your Theme to Life


Bringing Your Theme to Life

Submitted by Steve Bunnell, Kort Sign Design

This is a really exciting time for everyone and you want your Bar or Bat Mitzvah to be memorable. You’ve probably lined up a caterer, reserved a venue, hired a videographer and maybe even bought a special outfit for the party. That’s a great start!
Sometimes the most challenging part is picking a theme and carrying it through from the beginning to the big day. And it could feel overwhelming to find someone to help coordinate it all. Here’s a guideline for creating everything from the invitation to the decorations and thank you notes:

1) Hire a designer to create the graphics. This could be a freelance artist or someone at a local studio.

2) Have the designer create a couple of “concepts” for you that demonstrate how your theme would work on posters, signage or banners.

3) Select the design you like best and then think about how to make it work in the location you’re hosting the party.

  • If the entrance is hard to find, create some sidewalk signs directing people which way to go.
  • If your theme is based on a character (like Superman), have some life-size cutouts made for people to take “selfies” next to.
  • If there’s a tall ceiling with rafters, consider hanging long vertical banners above the party area or dance floor.
  • If there are games and activities in a different room, try some wall or floor graphics that point people to the fun.
  • A buffet table may need some table tents telling people what’s on the menu – these can be themed too!

4) Once you’ve identified all the elements you’ll need, work with the designer to estimate the production costs of each piece. There are a variety of material options that will need to be discussed, based on the party location and how each piece will be used:

  • Might the directional signage get wet? Then it should be laminated.
  • Will the guest of honor want to keep some pieces as memorabilia? Then consider metal or wood plaques, a canvas print or a neon sign!
  • Are the guests going to get souvenirs? You might want to print t-shirts or decals as a part of a goodie bag (and don’t forget to customize the bags!)

5) Start working with a designer at least 12 weeks before your event to ensure everything is completed on time and on budget. Last-minute ideas will cost extra and may not be able to get done right.

Check out all the party planning resources on Twin City Mitzvahs and in the 2015 Mitzvah Guide. They are your one-stop-shop for party planning and production needs.


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