Encourage the Lifelong Learner


Encourage the Lifelong Learner

So you are done with your B’nai Mitzvah studies. You have learned your Torah portion, prepared your d’var torah, and have recited them in front of your family and friends. You’re done, right? Not quite, become a lifelong learner!

The B’nai Mitzvah is not the end of the journey, but just the beginning. We talked with Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day School Jewish Life and Hebrew Director Etan Weiss about the Jewish value of lifelong learning. Here are some of his recommendations on ways to continue Jewish learning well beyond your coming of age ritual.

  1. Jewish Arts & Culture – Connecting with Jewish arts and cultural events in your community is a great way to continue learning. Involvement with the arts allows you to explore issues that are personally and communally relevant, enables you to meet others with similar values, and encourages you to expand your perspective, too.
  2. Youth Groups (both local and national) – Youth groups are a great venue for making Jewish friends, engaging in fun social activities, continuing study of Torah, and practicing the mitzvah of community service.
  3. Jewish Book Clubs or Torah Study Groups – Use Judaism as a lens in which to view your world, current issues, and historical events in discussion with others.

Reaching the age of B’nai Mitzvah is the start of a lifetime of learning. Be sure to take advantage of opportunities to learn that come your way.

Written by: Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day School

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