The 5 C’s for Mitzvah planning post-COVID


The 5 C’s for Mitzvah planning post-COVID

Although the Mitzvah planning process may look different this year, the Hora can go on! Safely of course… Here are the 5 C’s to consider the Mitzvah planning post-COVID.


a clock, keep curfews in mind when in the Mitzvah planning process post-COVID

Check your local state and city regulations when planning the schedule of events for your Mitzvah, keeping in mind that some states still have curfews in place. Before your Mitzvah enlist some close family and friends to assist in keeping your party on schedule. 

If you have to be out of a venue by a certain time due to curfew restrictions, consider planning a “night topper” with your entertainment host or DJ. Play a popular song or game or perhaps have your caterer stand by the exit with a to-go dessert bag to hand each guest as they are escorted out.


Capacity restrictions are slowly being lifted in many states. Outdoor venues in the state of Minnesota no longer have any capacity restrictions. Mask mandates are still in place and some venues may choose to have their own capacity limit, so make sure to get all the pertinent information before booking.  

In this climate, people like to know what to expect when it comes to crowds at Mitzvahs so they can comfortably make the right decisions for their family. When wording invitations consider mentioning if you’ll be having a micro or macro event, or if you have a vaccination requirement to help make these decisions easier for your guests. 


Hand Sanitizing Station to make your mitzvah feel clean safe and smart! Keep in mind for your Mitzvah planning post-COVID

Have conversations with your vendors about what they will be doing to keep you and your guests safe for the duration of your Mitzvah. How will your venue prepare and sanitize your space before you arrive and what will they do during the party? Will there be extra hand sanitizing and mask stations at your Mitzvah? What extra precautions is your caterer going to take to make sure food is being served safely at your event? Make a list of questions and have these important conversations with the people who are taking part in your Mitzvah planning post-COVID.

Keep your guests reassured by letting them know what to expect at your Mitzvah in terms of social distancing and germ spread prevention. If you’re inviting a larger group, you will want to address potential concerns such as facemask requirements, seating distance, sanitation station access, and so forth. 

When it comes to taking photographs of your event in a clean manner, consider speaking to your photographer about what to expect. You don’t want your guests’ faces covered with masks in all of your pictures. Ask how guests can safely take off masks and take distanced photos with poses that don’t look awkward. 


Families need think more about making parties accessible beyond the attendees!

There may still be loved ones who won’t be able to attend your event in person. Set up a streaming technology so they can join in your Mitzvah and wish you a Mazal Tov! There are many companies available for hire who do this professionally and you will have a recording that will last you a lifetime.  


When choosing which vendors to work with for your Mitzvah, look through all of their contracts carefully before signing. Look at things like cancelation policies and new COVID clauses, along with important cut-off dates. Pick vendors who are going to be flexible and understanding through the Mitzvah planning post-COVID.

carefully read contracts during your Mitzvah planning process post-COVID!

BONUS TIP: When sending out your invitations, have an RSVP option available for people to check that will be attending virtually to make them feel more involved in the Mitzvah. 

We hope that these 5 C’s to consider when planning your Mitzvah post-COVID help alleviate some concerns and that they help you confidently move forward in planning your special day!

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