Don’t Get Caught Off Guard: Top Questions to Ask a Mitzvah Party Venue Before You Book

Planning an event is exciting, but choosing the right venue can feel overwhelming. Don't get swept away by the beautiful pictures and charm alone! Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure to ask… Continue Reading

Mitzvah Bites for 2024: Beyond Chicken Fingers and Nachos

Forget dry sandwiches and predictable spreads!  2024 Bar Mitzvahs are all about creating a unique and memorable experience for everyone. What better way to set the tone than with a menu that's as exciting as… Continue Reading

The Ultimate Mitzvah Gift Guide (that aren’t money)!

This is The Ultimate Mitzvah Gift Guide for gifts that aren't just money. Finding the right gift is so hard... I know, I know, you’re always scared to get the Mitzvah boy or girl a real… Continue Reading

How to make your Mitzvah a TikTok sensation

You’ve been planning this Mitzvah for months, maybe even years! The caterer is set, the location is nailed down, now how are you keeping your kids’ friends entertained? TikTok challenges are an obvious choice amongst… Continue Reading

Celebrate! Trends for 2021 Mitzvahs

2021 Mitzvahs are here! We are working super hard at Twin City Mitzvahs keeping up with everything happening in the event planning world and beyond. Here are some party trends to expect for 2021 Mitzvahs (they are coming)! 2021… Continue Reading

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