Trends in 2019 for your VIM (Very Important Mitzvah)


Trends in 2019 for your VIM (Very Important Mitzvah)

Our Trendologist is at it again… here are the Mitzvah Trends in 2019!

Try an unplugged event!

Let people know in advance that this party is unplugged. All the fun is at your event, not on your phone. Tell guests to check them at the door.

Event Hashtags

Event hashtags are the rage #allysafterparty or #melsmitzvah. Have fun creating your own. The more unique the better. (Always check the Hashtag on a few social media services beforehand!)

Video Montages

Video Montages that combine video clips from celebs, tv people and family members. Gone are the days of the stagnant photo montage.

Custom Kicks

Tennis shoes blinged out or custom with their name. Boys and girls alike can bring this trend to life.

Venue Bathroom décor

Personalize the powder room experience by adding graphics to the mirrors. This shows that you’re so extra!

Mitzvah Mini Malls

A great way to display favors, desserts and candy choices. Let your guests pick their own takeaways and treats.


Have taken the place of the giant mylar letter balloons. With giant orbs, you will bring a 3-D element to your party décor.

Mini Cakes

Mini cakes combine décor and portions all in one. Serve individual mini-theme cakes. Who doesn’t appreciate edible décor?

The 2019 Pantone color

The 2019 Pantone color of the year is Living Coral. Many incorporate linens, chair covers, photo backdrops, and favors.

Custom Soda Bars

Custom Soda Bars with headphones and music, because why not? You can incorporate this into your entertainment and also use it as part of your photo-booth set.

These Mitzvah Trends for 2019 are compiled by our trendsetter Jodi Ranken!

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