Destination Mitzvah

Destination Mitzvahs are a rising trend and a twist on the traditional Mitzvah. Families have chosen to take this tradition on the road either to celebrate in a special way or to have an intimate service at a destination. While the most popular choice of a destination Mitzvah happens to be Israel, families are choosing to have their Mitzvahs on cruise ships, summer camps, or in various other destinations around the globe. Destination Mitzvahs allow you to make an impact on a more intimate scale with just close family and friends.

There is a myriad of places to hold a ceremony, but the trick is finding the place that is right for you and your entire party of travelers. You can host your ceremony at the Western Wall and have a Rabbi and a Cantor accompany you and your group while guiding you through the service. Various hotels, just like in your home location, will be happy to accommodate your group by working with you on the destination Mitzvah agenda that meets the needs of all of your guests. There are several travel companies that specialize in making your Mitzvah everything you and your family have dreamt of. So if your vision is to travel for the ceremony, or just in celebration of this monumental milestone, don’t hesitate to make it a part of your Mitzvah journey.

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