Minnesota Jewish Community Foundation

Giving. Your Way.

Now is the perfect time to help make the world a better place, and give the gift of philanthropy. With a Genesis Mitzvah Fund (GMF), family and friends may contribute tax-deductible cash gifts to a fund that allows your teen to make a difference at organizations that are important to them. At the Minnesota Jewish Community Foundation (MN JCF), we are building a better world through tikkun olam. With a GMF, you can:

• Teach tzedakah as your teen supports and learns how MN JCF helps others within our Jewish community and around the world; fight for animal rights, donate to a favorite camp, or help cure a disease – the options are endless.

• Giving through a fund is easy; Assets in the fund are invested and grow tax-free, generating more charitable dollars for distribution to charities. Your teen can track their fund and make recommendations for grant distributions.

In 2022, MN JCF distributed $7.3 million into the community while supporting 417 charities.

Phone: 952-417-2316
Email: info@mnjcf.org

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